Austin Tarot Reader
Tarot, Energy Work, and Magick
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I am a lifelong student of philosophy, the esoteric, energy work and magick. I first started working with tarot 20 years ago when I bought my first tarot deck. Mixing years of experience, study, and travel I use the tarot as a launching pad for your personal and co-creative readings.

My path towards reading cards for people and doing spell and energy work (same thing really) has been a lifelong journey involving a combination of self-discovery, self-rejection, and self-acceptance.

It would be a privilege to be given your trust to read your cards for you as well as offer the complimentary (and optional) sound and crystal healing session after each reading.

In addition to being a certified hypnotist, reiki master, and energy healer, I am also an entrepreneur, business consultant, and Wharton MBA.

Thank you for your consideration.


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