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Aura Cleanse


Aura Cleanse

Tarot + Aura Cleansing: 1 hour 15 minutes @ $65.00

An aura cleansing is similar to an energetic cleanse with the main difference being amount of time. An energy cleanse (which follows each reading) takes about 15 minutes and an aura cleanse is an hour-long sound, tuning fork, crystal healing session.

Your aura will be retuned to vibrate at its natural vibrant color.

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Discard Your Negative Energy

With an aura cleanse, the first thing to do is let go of negative energy, through a guided meditation and crystal cleanse. This will allow you to feel lighter and more willing to have new and more exciting experiences.


Crystal Healing Session

Once we cleanse your field, we will work to rebuild it by working to strengthen any areas in your field that are weak or damaged.


Create a Protection Bubble

Lastly, you will be guided through and assisted in creating a strong energy bubble using an array of crystals and sound tools.


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