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Chakra Cleanse

Tarot + Chakra Cleanse

Tarot + Chakra Cleanse: 1 hour 15 minutes @ $65

When our chakras are out of balance, we may feel tired, angry, depressed, unmotivated, or generally lost for no good reason. Tarot is great at helping us to figure out which chakras to focus on, followed by a cleansing of all chakras.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is used as a means of drawing out and channeling in energies as needed. The crystals are a very powerful tool for augmenting one's intentional power.

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Tibetan Bowl - Sound Healing

Tibetan bowl sound healing is used to dust off and awaken the chakras. Each bowl corresponds to a particular chakra and is played in an optimal fashion to build maximum chakra integration.

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Tuning Fork - Sound Healing

Tuning forks are yet another tool that will help to not only dust off the chakras, but to get them spinning at their healthy and high frequency.


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