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Banish your Demons

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Demonic Banishment: 2 Hours @ $150

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A demonic banishment session is designed to assist you in discovering and releasing bad entities and/or energies that may have attached themselves to your life force. This can include hexes and curses.

Frequently, without realizing it, people may encounter entities that attach themselves to their hosts' energy fields.

Additionally, without realizing it, one may have crossed paths with someone who was envious or upset with them, which manifested a hex or curse upon them. Some people can curse you without even realizing it.

All of these scenarios can prevent you from moving forward in life. Life can feel like a dead end street, filled with drama, anger, resentment, and depression. The chaos of the negative emotions is like sweet nectar to the demonic entities. When a person is sad, depressed, or angry, certain entities smell fresh blood and are nourished by such emotions. This is why they do as much as possible to stir the pot in your life to create the greatest pain and suffering possible without actually killing the host, although living like this will always shorten the person’s lifespan.

A typical banishment will include a 45 minute tarot reading, which will help to give the spell the necessary focus. The banishment takes about an hour, leaving you the final 15 minutes to process the experience.


Is a Demonic Banishment the same thing as an exorcism?


Although similar, the two are different in degree and not in quality. Exorcism is usually associated with demonic possession or a complete demonic takeover of one’s faculties and will. In contrast, a demonic entity can attach itself to a person without the person realizing it. A person may remain somewhat functional and to the outside world that person will appear relatively normal. In this case, the demonic attachment may influence a person’s decisions in order to create chaos in the person’s life. A demon will influence him or her to become deeply offended about a situation instead of seeing it as benign and harmless. This usually results in the victim having a depressed and argumentative disposition.


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