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Tarot Over the Phone

Please see below for phone tarot readings and packages


Deep Dive Tarot Phone Reading

60-Minute Deep Dive Package; Includes 2 Tarot Phone Readings (10 Card Spreads) plus Exclusive Manifestation Recordings (True Love Manifestation, Attract Prosperity and Abundance, Aura Cleanse)

Price: $60


Tarot Love Phone Reading

30-Minute Love and Relationship Phone Reading (10 Card Spread) plus Exclusive True Love Manifestation Recording

Price: $30


Career and Money Phone Reading

30-Minute Career and Money Phone Reading plus Exclusive Attract Prosperity and Abundance Recording (10 Card Spread)

Price: $30


Quick 3 Card Phone Reading

15-Minute Two-Question Tarot Phone Reading (3 Card Spread) plus Exclusive Aura Cleanse Recording

Price: $20


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