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Tarot + Spells


Tarot + Spells

The tarot is often used to clarify if, when, and how a spell should be performed. Once the tarot clarifies which area of your life you need to work on, we can determine which spell is best suited for your needs.


Love Spells

Tarot can be used to clarify why you are having troubles in your love life. Each tarot reading includes a free energy cleanse, using sound and crystals. You may also elect to purchase a love spell (that also includes a free love spell candle). Spells are used to help you attract the right person or put good energy into the relationship you already have.


Money Spells

The money spells that we perform will help you to achieve the inner transformation that is at the heart of alchemy and its goal to turn lead to gold. Once you can become the gold, the money will follow.


Unhexing or Demonic Banishment Spell

A demonic banishment session is designed to assist you in discovering and releasing bad entities and/or energies that may have attached themselves to your life force. This can include hexes and curses.

A typical banishment will include a 45 minute tarot reading, which will help to give the spell the necessary focus. The banishment takes about an hour, leaving you the final 15 minutes to process the experience.


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