Austin Tarot Reader
Tarot, Energy Work, and Magick



Combining the Art of Tarot with the Art of Energy Work, Spells, and Hypnosis.


Austin Tarot Reader offers much more than tarot. Although a good tarot reading is highly effective in helping you to clarify your path, Austin Tarot Reader also helps you to create the reality that you most desire by offering spells, de-hexing, hypnosis and energy work (using sound, crystals, reiki, and more).


Energy Cleanse: Each tarot reading comes with a free energy cleanse. The beauty of combining tarot with an energy cleanse is that the tarot reading clarifies where exactly you need your energy to be cleansed. The energy cleanse can include some or all of the following tools and techniques: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Cord Cutting, Sound Healing, and more. Learn More

Love Life: Tarot can be used to clarify why you are having troubles in your love life. Each tarot reading includes a free energy cleanse, using sound and crystals. You may also elect to purchase a love spell (that also includes a free love spell candle). Spells are used to help you attract the right person or put good energy into the relationship you already have. Learn More

Hypnosis: Hypnosis can be used very effectively to help you to envision the reality you may have trouble seeing right now, but it is precisely because you can’t clearly see that reality that you aren’t living your dream. When entering a deep state of relaxation, you are more able to insert the ideas that you know to be true, but need to internalize. Learn More

Other Magickal Work: After a reading, you may decide that you would like to receive some spell work. Spells are simply advanced technology that uses the energies of creative thought to manifest your desire. You can think of it like Law of Attraction on steroids! You may be surprised by how much the magic will help you to manifest your dreams. There is a spell for literally anything you can think of, but the most popular spells revolve around wealth, love, and de-hexing. Learn More

Other Energy Work: Other types of Energy Work are also available too. Sometimes one can make the changes needed just by targeting the exact energies that are making us feel and act a certain way. These energies can be channeled and transformed in as little as one session. Learn More


Explore some of the energy, hypnosis, and magical services offered at Austin Tarot Reader.