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Cutting the Cords

Cutting Your Energetic Cords


Tarot + Cutting the Cords: 2 hours @ $110.00

Cutting the energetic (etheric) cords is similar to pruning a plant's leaves when those leaves might not be well, and need to be trimmed for the health of the whole plant. Your etheric cords are best used in connecting your source power, from inside you, to the universe’s source power, from outside you. Once you have too many cords giving your energy to past or future events, you aren't living in the present, and you are throwing your power away to the great void. Cutting the cords allows you to plug in to the universal source, again.


Spread Your Light


When your etheric cords have stopped spreading your power to the universe at large, in the present moment, and begin to spread that light to the past, or the future (the non-existent universe), your light power goes into the great empty, nothing, darkness. These wasted and fruitless exchanges are ultimately inferior in comparison to those exchanges which increase light into this current moment.


Connect to the Power


Once you connect your source power to the source power of the universe, you will gain greater peace, better friendships, more love, and more wealth, health, and general harmony. Why is that so? This is so because the mission of each person on this planet is to spread the light from the spirit world to this dimension.


Your Inner Nature


It’s just how we’re composed. As we become good at fulfilling our universal mission, we feel ultimate peace, and ultimate joy. By bringing light to this world, we gain our ultimate enjoyment, because we are potentially bringing more light and new life into this realm, and we are wired to feel ultimate joy the more light that we import.

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