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Tarot + Energy Work


Tarot + Energy Work

Energy Work can cover a broad array of ways to change your energy field in order to feel, act, and live the way that you most desire. From chakra clearing, to cutting cords, you may find that taking charge of your energy field is the key to your happiness.


Chakra Cleanse

The tarot can clarify which chakras are out of balance, and once the reading is complete, the work on clearing your chakras may begin with a focus on clearing those chakras in particular. Although we will focus on particular chakras, the cleanse will include a comprehensive chakra cleanse that will cover all 7 of your chakras.


Cutting the Cords

Energetic or Etheric cords are connections that we have made with people from our past. The cords can be created in this lifetime, but also in past lifetimes too. The process of cutting the cords is quite effective and can leave one feeling clear minded and energized. This process is often recommended for people who find that they keep repeating their past mistakes and don't know why.


Aura Cleansing

The aura is the outer layer of the body's energetic field. It acts as the bridge between our physical body and the energy source of the universe at large. The aura can also indicate how we experience the world, based on its color. Clearing the aura is recommended for people who feel like they have lost their connection to the universal power source or for people who feel like they want to change the way they interact with the world.


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